About That Voice

Matthew Rhode is an up-and-comer in the voiceover world. He has been lending his vocal talent to a growing number of trailers for blockbuster films. However, it wasn’t always easy for the 36-year-old. After growing up in Louisville Kentucky, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He enrolled in, and later graduated from, The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

Rhode found a modicum of early success acting in television commercials for companies like Powerade and JC Penney, but his big break came when he was chatting in his agent’s office in New York. The head of voiceovers for the agency overheard Matthew talking from another room and immediately recognized his potential. After a quick introduction, Rhode was signed on the spot and began doing voiceover work for brands like Progressive Insurance, Miller Lite, and Chevron. He also found himself contributing to one of his favorite hobbies, video gaming, with a variety of work on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5.

Around this same time, Matthew became a premium partner of Twitch.tv, a popular live streaming service for gamers. Under the moniker “Ducksauce”, Rhode put out regular comedic broadcasts and connected with thousands of fans. After a move to the West Coast, Rhode soon met the love of his life—TV star and model Adrianne Curry. The couple gained popularity for their playful social media videos that feature Rhode using his signature movie trailer voice to narrate his fiance's day-to-day actions. Thanks to the urging of his wife, Rhode realized he had a unique gift that would allow him to pursue film promotion as a professional endeavor.

Although he was told time and time again that it would be impossible to break into the movie preview business, Rhode persisted and kept searching for a way in. He quickly found one when he landed Paul Wintner, head of Wintner Artists—widely regarded as one of the premiere movie trailer talent houses in the industry—as his manager. Rhode also signed with top agent Kama Nist, head of DPN Talent. These shrewd moves helped launch Matthew’s blossoming career as a talent capable of providing voiceover work for all types of film trailers.

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